to the photographic work BUNNY

South west Coast of Sicily, close to Agrigento. As the area is part of a nature sanctuary, most of the beaches here are closed. The Italian stereotype of the „poor South“ applies here. Many inhabitants try to „earn“ some money by poaching: they hunt rabbits. They set fire on the dry and withered fields to faciliate the hunt? Quite often the flames encroach upon the nearby forests… These destroyed and burnt landscapes are the subject of my photographs.

With the help of digital night vision photography, nature turns into something synthetic: to gain substance from basic material. The psychologization of landscape takes place, the upload of fear and the mood of light changes imperceptible. A Change from basic light to psyche – one of the most significant experiences. These photographic works have an impressionist geste, but remain beyond sensation - the unconscious becomes evident!

„the landscape seems to be green, a technical phenomenon. With the night vision equipment the colour spectrum changes everything into green. The unexiting and naive picture turns into a sinister experience: the association of war and violence – generated by today´s media - comes up.“

(Gudrun Wallenböck)