2008 | 2 x Video Loop


Cinematic thought means to separate the world, to break it into 24 images per second. This taking apart, this splitting up of incidents stems from a scientific practice and the desire for objective research. For “Thinking about Movie Making” my brain – that of an experimental filmmaker – will undergo a computertomographic inspection. The individual images of this investigation will be animated into a voyage through the head. In this way, an aestheticization of the very organ in which abstract thought processes take place is created. It is immanent to artistic work to express thoughts and to communicate what is isolated in the mind. This aestheticization enables acess to an impenetrable and at best profound drive. Certainly one lives with the fear of losing a good thought, of simply forgetting it. Film is a medium of remembering. Forgetting will be arrested through the reproduction on the screen. But remembering needs equipment. Without the illumination of the separate film images through the projector everything remains thought and the film reel remains in the can. (Siegfried A. Fruhauf)