2005 | Mounted analog 16mm film slide for projection in handmade linen box | 5x5 x4 cm
Edition of 12 | Signed and numbered on inlay card
Projection variable

Green: go. The starting tape marks the beginning of the film; then a light storm begins. One picture surfaces, while another disappears. No beginning, no end. The red frames mark the end and make the illusion disappear. Told between these poles is the history of the film, the biography of the material. The film's presentation adds in the sounds of projection, the darkness of the room, and the white of the screen. In Siegfried A. Fruhauf's Time Lapse, emptiness remains; time stands still. The viewer's reflection and interpretation turn the invisible, the absent, into the recollection of a common cinematic unit. The alpha and omega, in traffic light colors, are shown here as a avestone, a luminous memorial to the last remnants of material. Red: stop. (Holger Jagersberger)